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Bettbehandlung – Dorothy Lehane


Bettbehandlung is a feminist re-visioning of historical and medical treatments of ‘hysterical’ female subjects and performative spaces of illness. It focuses on historical acts of diagnosis and the shifting of bodily propriety, alongside issues of dependency and witnessing.

Four Places – Chris McCully


Four Places consists of four essays that explore place, culture and history; they consider how time past and its words and cultures survive into time present. The localities in question are peripheral spaces—two very different islands, an isthmus and a causeway. How does cultural change either colonise such liminal spaces or spread from them? And for the observer, what and whom is it that one sees—and who is doing the seeing?

Some Municipal Love Poems – Simon Smith


After the Paris attacks, the migration crisis, the Brexit vote, the election of Trump and installation of May, and war in Syria, one question might be how have these events changed what is meant by public and private space. Perhaps something as ‘useless’ as poetry could open a space from where answers might appear. Some Municipal Love Poems comprises two sequences, ‘General Purpose Love Poems’ and ‘Song Book: Series of Songs’, the former a sequence of long essay-like poems and the latter, shorter song-like poems, which form new spaces, public and private, as call and response, as spaces to think in and with.